ursina maria braun

Cellist & COMPOSER

Be it Bach, Brahms, Beethoven or contemporary composers,
I’m passionate about music.

I enjoy the baroque cello’s earthy tones, and I love the radiant sound of modern cellos. I play both instruments in chamber music groups, as a soloist and with orchestras.

What moves me most is moving others with my music.


Luciano Berio: Sequenza XIV per violoncello
Franz Schubert: Abschied
Franz Schubert: Ständchen / Serenade D 957
Compositions by Ursina Maria Braun on neo.mx3

23 June 2024 / 11
6 Cellistinnen Graz I
@ Graz, Schloss Eggenberg

When preparing a piece of music, I explore in minute detail what the composer might have intended. In my search for what the somewhat limited arrangements of notes actually mean, I seek out as many different sources of inspiration as possible in order to dig up even the tiniest impulse or suggestion. This helps me to bring the composer’s thinking and feelings to life.

The fascinating thing about composing is that it lets me experience music from a perspective that is the opposite of playing. I need to set down on paper, as clearly as possible, how my ideas are supposed to sound. Inner images and thoughts must be expressed in music and shaped into vibrant patterns of sound that will resonate with listeners.